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My mom recently asked me where I wanted to be in about 5 years. Everybody should have a 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year plan, right? I admitted that I didn’t know. “You have to know!” She said. “How do you know what to do if you don’t know where to go?”

I’ve often struggled with gaining clarity around my future. While many of my friends already had their life planned out – a stable career, a house, a baby, a dog, holidays with both sides of the family, etc. – I shuddered with such predictable outcomes. “I’m still in my twenties!” I said to friends, many of which are already either married or engaged.

What I later realized was perhaps I was afraid of admitting what I truly wanted. Partially because it seemed like a ridiculous aim, and the other reason was the long road to get there. So here it goes:

I want to help people publish world-changing ideas.

Not necessarily world-changing to you, but it could be world-changing to someone else. It could radically shift their mindset. For me, one of those books is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It doesn’t have to be a personal development book either – or books for that matter. A breath-taking photograph or a captivating speech (e.g. Steve Job’s commencement speech) is a form of publishing. A song with an aim to shift our cultural conversation is another.

I’ve been interested in the intersection of technology, design, and publishing, but only recently noticed that I subconsciously gravitated towards those things. It’s not surprising given that I obsessed over (physical) magazines as a medium growing up.

Beyond magazines, what attracts me to publishing is the impact a few words strung together could have on an individual.

I believe in bringing useful, accessible, and profound ideas into the world to help people create a life they want and are proud of.

I believe what’s lacking today isn’t technology or material goods or even crucial services like healthcare. What’s lacking is simple but important things like believing in each other, believing that there is enough for everyone to share a good life, and believing that there is happiness beyond material goods…

These are all ideas that make me believe in humanity and the goodness that could be brought out in everyone.

I’d love to wake up every morning excited to bring helpful frame of mind, useful thought processes, and empowering messages to others. It’s deeply satisfying to shed a new light on how we live our lives and on the truths we hold dear that motivate our actions.

When we stumble upon a useful, accessible, and profound idea, it makes us stop and notice. We stop because we realize it as a universal truth. Or at least there’s some truth it if we are patient enough to let it sink deeper into our consciousness.

Transformative ideas are things left unsaid until someone had the courage to speak up or ask.

What’s rare is someone who took the time to:

Defer judgement by brushing aside quick conclusions.

Defy applying easy categorizations.

Carefully consider threads that are woven in and out, and pulled it to the edge.

Tread paths that see few visitors.

Poke and prod the wild specimen that their conscious mind caught.

Write, rewrite, and rewrite again until thoughts gleamed with purity and resonance.

Buttress words, sentences, and paragraphs with rigorous consideration for the people who are intended to hear it.

Pair stunning visuals with superb writing, and evoke just the right emotions.

Practice spoken enchantment.

Present the idea properly, if it is interpreted through other forms and materials.

These kinds of work deserve to be seen, heard, and experienced. They are meant to be shared and be found by those who need to hear it.

And I would like to do that for other people.

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The Author

Clem Auyeung is a content designer based in Washington, D.C.

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